Mala Paste


Mika-San Mala Paste – a spicy and numbing seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorn and chili pepper. It has a bold flavor profile and fragrance from the use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor from Sichuan pepper.

Pair it with our Fresh Japanese Udon for a hearty meal!

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Serving Instruction (Dry Serving)

  1. Mix 2 tsp of Mika-San shoyu sauce, 3 tsp of hot water and 1 tsp of sesame oil in a bowl

  2. Then, add 1 tsp of Mika-San mala paste and stir well

  3. Add cooked Megah’s Udon to the sauce mixture and stir thoroughly until the noodles are well coated. Add your favorite meat or vegetables and it is ready to be served!


Sesame Oil, Dried Chilli and Seasoning


Keep Chilled (0°C – 4°C) l Shelf Life: 8 months

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