Sapo Mee Suah


Megah Mee’s Sapo Mee Suah ready to be serve by just showering the broth over the noodle. It has a thin and fine texture designed to soak up your favourite broth and yet remain crispy. It can be served in various forms – stir-fried or drenched in the broths of your choice, an effortless comfort food ready in minutes.

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Soup Noodle

1. Prepare your desired soup and bring it to boil
2. Cook the noodles in the boiling soup for 3 minutes or until done to your liking; and
3. Ready to be served.

Fried Noodle

1. Cook the noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes or until done to your liking;
2. Drain the noodles;
3. The noodles can be stir-fried or be mixed with seasoning sauce; and
4. Ready to be served.


Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Palm Olein, Eggs, Sodium Carbonate, Salt, Potassium Carbonate and Permitted Emulsifier. Contains permitted colouring substance.


Keep in room temperature l Shelf life: 7 months

Allergen Information

Contain wheat gluten and eggs

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